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Friday, August 20, 2021

Maria Andrejczyk auction off her olympic medal | life saver

 Olympic medalist Maria Andrejic auctions her silver medal for infant operation.

Maria Andrejic auctions her silver medal

2 weeks ago, she won her Olympic medal, in the Tokyo Olympics, silver was won by Maria Andrejczyk of Polish.

Why she auctioned her medal?

The little one Miloszek Malysa (8 months old) has a serious heart condition and needs immediate surgery. Miloszek's parents found out in almost all the countries of Europe that no one was ready for his operation. But then their last hope is the Stanford University Medical Center in America.

But a lot of money was needed to make this operation successful, about $3,85,000.

They started collecting funds for their their child online but still they were able to collect half the money. Had to do half more to save that little life

 But that seemed impossible to them. So they decided to return that money by losing all their hope.

She is an angle:

When Maria Andrejczyk read this news, she decided to help.

But how much could she do? Then she decides to auction off her most valuable item - her first Olympic medal.

Who bought medal?

And her medal was also bought by a Polish supermarket chain named Zabka Polska for $ 1,25000. But Zabka Polska returned that medal respectfully to its rightful owner and gave all that money to Miloszek's family.

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